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very job's process ends up being unique and unfolding a little differently but there is one principle that always stays the same, before we begin, we make sure we understand the customers sense of what need or purpose the mural is fulfilling and their preferred family of color or palette.

We believe that in all human beings there dwells an artist or at least a good measure of artistic talent. Our job is to try to tease out, cajole and tune into what customers wants to feel when they see the mural, lend our expert eyes and imagination to the design process and come up with several mural options. Often the customer brings us photos or reproductions of paintings from art books, magazine clippings, post cards, etc. that relate to what they are looking for.

Sometimes we will search out the references based on our first meeting with the customer. Once the references are found, we work straight from them or come up with a sketch. The first sketch and consultation is free and we charge $25 for any subsequent sketches. At this point we come up with a price for the mural. We ask for a $100 non-refundable deposit to hold you a place in our rotation. We give customers at least a one week of notice before we start the job.