Evergreen Street Studios Murals  

Below is a listing of some of our selected mural and decorative painting projects. Click on a photo to view more images from the project.

  Wild Roses and Monkeys Mural   Wild Roses and Monkeys Mural
[15 photos]
  It's All About Me   It's All About Me Murals
[12 photos]
  Barney's Joy Mural   Barney's Joy Farm Murals
[16 photos]
  Jamaica Room Mural   The Jamaica Room Murals
[6 photos]
  Marilyn's Bathroom Mural   Marilyn's Bathroom
[5 photos]
  Beautify Mural   Beautify
[6 photos]
  Show House, Newport  

Newport Show House, Newport, RI
A vibrant but mysterious mural inspired by Victorian fairy illustrators. [12 photos]

  Show House, Proidence   West Broadway Neighborhood Association Design House, Providence, RI
The showhouse opened in October so we chose to do autumn scenes with fairies.
[9 photos]


  Factory Mural   Factory Room, Providence, RI
A progressive factory owner wanted to make the workplace more cheery and asked his workers what themes they'd like to see painted in two murals. The workers were mostly from the Dominican Republic and requested Red Sox pitching ace Pedro Martinez and a typical Dominican beach scene. [3 photos]
  Storm and Clouds   Clouds and Storm, Providence, RI
We painted a mural of clouds to make an attic bedroom seem bigger. We also painted a lightning storm in the closet; no customer idea can seem too eccentric after this.
[3 photos]
  Senior Center   Westminster Senior Center, Providence, RI
We received a grant from the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts to paint murals celebrating the ethnicities of the seniors.
[2 photos]
  Painted Furniture   Painted furniture
An example of a small piece transformed with Botticelli's Primavera.
[2 photos]

Faux Finish Interiors
Here's a small sampling of projects that incoporated faux finish work and textured walls.
[3 photos]


  Egyptian   Egyptian Hallway, Providence, RI
Thoth and Horus, the moon god and sun god beautify and protect a house's front entryway. [1 photo]

  Japanese Bathroom   Japanese Bathroom
These clients have a collection of Asian art, so we came up with a Japanese motif for the bathroom with a stone-like faux finish on the walls.[3 photos]
  Elevator   Elevator Project
Providence, RI

Here we painted a mural of a country scene designed to alleviate claustrophobia in an elevator. [4 photos]